Welcome to Preserve Leyden, Colorado!

This small organization was founded to help preserve the history of Leyden, Colorado and its history that it has contributed to Jefferson County, Colorado and was founded on the belief of Tanya L.'s (of the Arvada Historical Society) in preserving the history of Leyden, Colorado. This includes the people, the buildings and the memories.

Another wonderful article regarding Leyden's history!

News and Updates

    As new items are being added to the website, we will update you on our progress. We will also add news concerning Leyden so as to keep you up-to-date.

1. Tomorrow, June 20, we will be sending out the survey below, to Leyden Property owners. This survey wil help us identify what we need to focus on while we are trying to preserve Leyden.

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Photo of the Month

The Leyden Mine, 1940's. Courtesy of Carol R.