The Leyden Mine

In search for gold, the three Leyden brothers discovered a coal mine in 1865. They built a road, had the mine working in 1869, and delivered coal by oxen at three dollars a ton to Golden and Denver. In 1870, Michael Leyden was murdered near the mine and Martin died of methane gas in the mine. In 1902, the Leyden Coal Company was incorporated by Charles J. Hughe, Jr., Albert Smith, and Clyde Turnbull. During that year the Denver and Northwestern Railroad, headed by D.H. Moffat, built tracks through Arvada to haul coal from Leyden to Denver. In 1903, the coal company and the electric lines of the tramway, delivered coal to a large yard at 38th Avenue and Tennyson Street, across from Elitch Gardens. Robert Perry, manager of the Leyden Mine, named the town for the three brothers, but the mine honored the names of the Leyden brothers, Michael, Martin, and Patrick. Today the mine is closed and used to store natural gas.
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Leyden Mine Shaft #1
Leyden Mine Shaft #2
Leyden Mine Shaft #3
Leyden Mine Shaft #4
Leyden Mine Shaft #5